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Culture shock, in a good way November 5, 2008

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Three reasons to Just Eat It

Three food itemsThe drawback of being hosted and toured by relatives while in India (rather than running with the backpackers) is that it’s all Indian food, all the time. No beloved greasy $3.25 bacon-and-eggs-and-hashbrowns-and brown-toast-and-coffee for me, it’s parathas and ragi porridge and strong, milky tea. It’s absolutely delicious, but there’s a burning sensation at the top of my belly that won’t go away.   I trust that it’s chili delight and not heartburn. Three interesting food items I’ve run into so far…

Rasmati – The Taste of Kolhapur

Rasmati is a small bottle of syrup derived from sugar cane. Says the literature,

“Rasmati Kakavi is eco-friendly nutritious, easy to digest and increases palatability of food. It is rich source of calcium, iron, copper, sulphur and many other useful minerals….Rasmati Kakavi is as sweet as sugar …helps purify blood, controls acidity and urinates property. Regular consumption of Kakavi improves sperm and sperm count…For balance, consume Kakavi regularly.”

All I know is it’s yummy like honey on buttered bread. I think my sperm agree.

MTR Ready to Eat

Precooked, packaged in foil pouches and ready to eat after being immersed in boiling water for just five minutes, this line of convenience meals from  50-year-old MTR is made with 100% natural ingredients, has no presevatives, is 100% vegetarian and – as their slogan says – is “Pure and Perfect”. The ingredients list makes you hungry just reading it: pineapple, jaggery, desiccated coconut, tamarind concentrate, black gram, refined sunflower oil, salt, red chilli, gingelly seeds, mustard, tumeric, curry leaves, jeera, fenugreek, and asafoetida [I’m guessing that’s ayurvedic?!]

All this for 32 Rupees – or less than a dollar. When Aloysius leaves me here at the house alone to fend for myself, I think I could live on this, I really do.

Door-to-door Tiffin Service

Someone dropped this flyer off at the house doorstep. “Nicola” will deliver home-made Goan food including Chicken Xacuti, Prawns Pulao, Mutton Sukha, Beef chilly fry and Pork Vindallo right to my door in little stainless steel tiffin pots every day!

I don’t know the price, but I have a feeling I might start missing home-cooked Indian food once my relatives have left and I’ve gotten tired of MTR’s (if that’s possible).


One Response to “Culture shock, in a good way”

  1. Sonja Says:

    MTR sound just like Tasty Bites, those awesome foil pouched meals available at Trader Joe’s for $2 each. Mmmm.

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