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The Delhi Bicycling Club January 25, 2009

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[The Adventure Cycling Association is a non-profit, member-run organization out of the U.S. that publishes an attractive print magazine called “Adventure Cyclist” and runs a very informative web site. They also send out email newletter called “Bike Bits.”   I thought this item from a recent issue might be of interest to Indian readers. — UR]

YHAI in Dona Paula, Goa

India Sprouts Green

…In just one year, the Delhi Bicycling Club of New Delhi, India, has grown from one member to five hundred. Nalin Sinha, the original lone member, says half of Delhi’s population travels less than six kilometers per day, a distance easily covered by bicycle. “It means one can cycle to work, reduce pollution, and keep fit very easily,” he is quoted as saying in this story from The Times of India:

Hmmm, I think I said something very similar in my interview with Goa Today magazine.  Could a Goa Cycling Club be far away? Who’s in?!


7 Responses to “The Delhi Bicycling Club”

  1. Roslyn "roz" Tuttle Says:

    How, when and where do you cycle in New Delhi? I have an apartment in the farmhouse district of Shanti Kunj near Vasant Kunj.

  2. Sarbinder Singh Takhtar Says:

    Dear Sir, If I want to join your club , what is the process and also mail to me the schedules & events you under take. Regards

  3. UR Says:

    There is now a Goa Cycle Club. You can visit the website at: On Facebook, we now have 450+ members!

  4. Seema Says:

    stay in vasant kunj B-2 , new delhi ……………how does one join. I am 40 + and m finding it very difficult to get people to ride bicycles

    • UR Says:

      You’re on the right track! Here are some ideas:
      – Click some of the links under the “Cycle clubs in India” list on the Goa Cycles Web page:
      – Continue to use the Internet to locate groups’ Web sites.
      – Try Facebook to search groups.
      – Try what I did: modestly start your own group! Even cycling with one other person can build curiosity and enthusiasm!

      Good luck!

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