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Photo: beach labourers January 27, 2009

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Take a break for a photographer on a bicycle

Varca labourers

Labourers in Varca beach area, Goa, India

It’s about stopping, and watching. Most tourists lower their heads, pull up their sunglasses and step gingerly past them – the labourers who scoop out the nearby ditches so the beaches look clean.

Women load gravel into a shallow, round bowl; raise the bowl to their heads, step over wood plankways in their flip-flops, and gently pour the rough contents into a cement mixer. They smile if you do, and encourage their daughters to say “hello”. A little brother plays in gravel pile nearby, and a uncle playfully tosses a stone at him.


4 Responses to “Photo: beach labourers”

  1. stanley valladares smith Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to “stop and watch” the labourers.

    How long have you been someone who stopped and watched and who taught you to do it?

    Btw, is there any building or maintenance work in Goa that the migrants are not being hired to do? And if all the migrants suddenly left, wouldn’t Goa grind to a halt within a week? Then why does everyone criticize them?

    Maybe I should stop and watch more.

  2. UR Says:

    I’d have to say I “learned to stare” in Haad Tien, Thailand. A Thai family I’d befriended had shot a pig in the jungle. I watched and took photos for hours. When I got too hot standing in the sun, I left them, salting and skewering the meat, to go for a swim.

    I’ve learned that if you stand still, you become invisible or part of the scene – either one is not too bad, is it?

  3. stanley valladares smith Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try Standing Still.


  4. Binu Horn Says:

    Hi Stanley,

    Yes, we seem too busy and crammed in our minds to notice little people or little pleasures.

    thank you for reminding me of it again.


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