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Travel, sex, magic, and cycling in an Indian state

Photos: Goa’s Working Bicycles February 28, 2009

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream bicycles find the tourists, but they also ply the slimmest village lanes – especially when school gets out.

Zalor Beach, Goa, India

Zalor Beach, Goa, India

Metal Cans

Using the empty space within the frame of a bike, a person can wheel 80 kg of flattened cans to a yard 8 km away – with a broken chain.

Nehrul, Goa

Nehrul, Goa, India

Rice Snacks

A Hercules loaded with light and colourful snacks waits for its rider, who sips tea at a nearby chai shack.

Chogam Road, Goa

Chogam Road, Goa, India


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