Girl Gone Goa

Travel, sex, magic, and cycling in an Indian state

Goa Moments April 1, 2015

In 2014 I returned to Goa for four months to transform Girl Gone Goa into a book. From my home base in Alto Porvorim, I photographed more than 100 “Goa Moments” on Facebook every day with the tag #GirlGoneGoa. These are little peeks into my everyday Goa.

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#1: The motorcycle fish vendor

A fish seller on a motorcycle honks to alert neighbours of today’s catch (sound video, 0:17).

#2: Power outlets

What if all power outlets in North America used India’s on/off switch system? How much electricity would be conserved? The postcard next to the outlet is by Goan illustrator Joseph Diaz (“JoDi”).

A wall-mounted electric outlet with an on and off switch in Goa, India.

#3: Fashion and Beauty

Goa is more than hippies and beaches. I joined local designers and jewellers who showcased their art at a fashion event at the Grand Hyatt Goa.

GirlGoneGoa and two beautiful women


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