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Short story: A Taste For The Exotic September 6, 2018

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“Look out for the sharks”

I wrote a steamy short story on my most recent stay in Goa, India. It’s titled A Taste For The Exotic and it’s about all the good stuff: travel, food, and sex.

Many thanks to Selma Carvalho and the editors of Joao-Roque Literary Journal for including “A Taste For The Exotic” in the September 2018 issue.


…Ally felt confused and nauseous, and she realized she didn’t know Marcus very well at all. She’d believed him when he spoke about being sensitive to local culture. Did that sensitivity not apply to women? Was he just another Vodka and Chang—white men satisfying an appetite for exotic delicacies on the cheap? Continue reading


Thai bar girls standing on street, with text: A Taste For the Exotic, Joao-Roque Literary Journal.



Goa Moment #29: Trio Assumcao Pereira at Fundação Oriente December 11, 2014

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Goa’s family ensemble Trio Assumcao Pereira perform at the book release of Faces of Colonial India: The Work of Goan Artist Antonio Xavier de Trinidade, part of Goa Arts and Literary Festival.

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Goa Moment #28: I discover the gutter puppies December 10, 2014

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I discover five stray puppies nested in the culvert in front of my house. I call them the “gutter puppies,” but they mewl like kittens.

Five brown puppies in a deep, square rain culvert in Goa, India

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Goa Moment #27: Cyclewallah installs a new seatpost on the bicycle

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My cycle-wallah wields a hammer to force a new, longer seatpost into the steel frame. I asked him to add a bit of white grease first.

Cycle mechanic leans over a red bicycle in Goa, India

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Goa Moment #26: The Girl Gone Goa book cover

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Designer Bina Nayak’s draft book cover for my Girl Gone Goa book. She was brought onboard by Frederick Noronha of Goa 1556.

Cover of the Girl Gone Goa book with close-up of bicycle handlebar with Calangute beach in background.

The Saligao-based publishing company prints a book a month, always on the topic of Goa. Now I guess I ought to start writing the actual book…

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Goa Moment #25: Dr. Luis Dias at the Coin Festival

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On sidewalks outside the historic Institute of Menezes Braganza in Panjim, coin collectors and sellers set up shop.

Two men sit on a sidewalk with sheets of old coins around them in Panjim, Goa.

Coin sellers outside the Institute of Menezes Braganza.

Inside, Dr. Luis Dias describes the history of currency in Goa, with a special emphasis on the Casa da Moeda (The Mint House)—Goa’s currency mint between 1834  and 1841, and Luis’s ancestral home. He continues to live there with his family.

Luis Dias stands in front of a Coin Festival Goa 2014 poster

Luis Dias presents on Casa Da Moeda as part of the Coin Festival Goa, 2014.

According to Wikipedia, Institute Menezes Braganza is a cultural institution which promotes language and literature, art and culture in the state of Goa.

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Goa Moment #24: A doorway, a bicycle, a heart

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Street art in Fontainhas, Panjim’s historic Portuguese Quarter: a doorway, a bicycle, a heart, and two startling colours.

Lilac-coloured doorway with old lock and heart grafitti in Panjim, Goa, India


Old Indian bicycle next to purple and yellow wall in Goa, India.

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